Science communication

I love talking about science and helping other scientists with tools and skills to make it easier to communicate their science. I am active in amazing initiatives like Letters to a Pre-Scientist, Skype a Scientist and SciCommTO. Read below about some of the science communication projects I’m currently working on.

Descience blog

The Descience Blog is a about infusing more design into science communication. Using reproducible examples and open source tools, I show visitors how to build different visualizations and interactive tools.

Improv for science communication

As a professional improviser, I recognize that the principles of improv applied in a scientific context were transforming me into a better science communicator and colleague. I have since developed workshops to teach scientists the basic principles of improv and how to apply them to become better collaborators and deliver more engaging presentations. Working with other amazing science communicators like Katie Pagnucco and Chris Bresky, I have facilitated these workshops throughout Canada and the US, staff at the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada and attendees of the Mozilla Festival and the Canadian Science Policy Conference.

Popular science

In print I have written several popular science articles including a piece on pattern formation in ecosystems and Turing processes for – an online science and fact magazine and an essay for Discover Magazine on a citizen science project I worked on that aimed to restore Atlantic salmon to river using PVC tubes.