Monica Granados

Food web ecologist and policy analyst. Champion of open science.

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Meet Monica

I am a currently a Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow working as Policy Analyst at Environment and Climate Change Canada on open science. In my research I am interested in taking all we know about food webs and using this information to monitor changes in freshwater systems and provide tangible recommendations to decision makers and the public. As a staunch advocate of open science, I work in the open making all the code and publications from my research openly available.

News & Updates

09/20/19 – PREreview’s new platform is ready for you to try!

09/15/19 – My newest paper on the introduction of omnivores is out!

09/06/19 -Happy to announce that I have will be a part of the first cohort of Frictionless Data Fellows




Professional History

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  • Leadership Team



    PREreview seeks to diversify peer review in the academic community by crowdsourcing pre-publication feedback to improve the quality of published scientific output, and to train early-career researchers (ECRs) in how to review others’ scientific work. As a member of the Leadership Team I co-lead an organization that is facilitating a cultural shift in which every scientist posts, reads, and engages with preprints as standard practice in scholarly publishing.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

    WCS Canada and University of Guelph


    As a postdoctoral fellow, I worked on developing methods to detect imperiled freshwater ecosystems by monitoring how fish feeding behaviour changes in response to climate warming. I am using the Ontario Broadscale Monitoring dataset and other MOECP datasets to measure the coupling strength of lake trout in Ontario lakes to identify where coupling is weak and freshwater systems are vulnerable.

  • R Markdown and R Shiny consultant

    Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

    2016 - 2018

    As a consultant for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Environment I used my programing and data visualization skills to develop reproducible code and interactive web applications for the study of population trends in fish communities. And contributed to the Fish Communities of the Toronto and Region Waterfront: Summary and Assessment 1989-2016 report.


I am a food web ecologist interested in taking all we know about food webs, using this information to monitor changes in freshwater systems and provide tangible recommendations to decision makers.  I have worked with a diversity of taxa including fish, crayfish and mussels using laboratory experiments, field methods and theory to better understand how who-eats-whom in an ecosystem changes in response to different human impacts including introduced species and climate warming.

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Featured publication

Stabilizing mechanisms in a food web with an introduced omnivore

Intraguild predation (IGP) is an omnivorous food web configuration in which the top predator consumes both a competitor (consumer) and a second prey that it shares with the competitor. This omnivorous configuration occurs frequently in food webs, but theory suggests that it is unstable unless stabilizing mechanisms exist that can decrease the strength of the omnivore and consumer interaction. Although these mechanisms have been documented in native food webs, little is known about whether they operate in the context of an introduced species.

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Open Science

Although the equipment and tools to collect data may have changed and perhaps the software used in analyses along with it, very little of how science is practiced and communicated has changed in science since its inception as a discipline. However, the open access movement promises to revolutionize how we practice science and who can participate. Founded on the principle science should not be limited by your occupation, race, nationality or economic status, open science and education makes science more accessible by making methods, code, results and knowledge available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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