Monica Granados

Open science, data and communication specialist

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During my PhD at McGill University, I discovered that incentives in academia promote practices that make knowledge less accessible. I’ve devoted my career to working in the open science space to make knowledge more equitable and accessible. As a Senior Open Science and Data Policy Advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada I provided subject matter expertise and supported the delivery of open science in the Government of Canada. Presently, I am working at Creative Commons on global campaign promoting open access of climate and biodiversity research. As a member of the Leadership Team at PREreview I work to make peer review more open and diverse. I am also an alumna of the Frictonless Data Fellowship.

News & Updates

01/01/23 – I was promoted to Assistant Director, Open Climate at Creative Commons!

04/28/22 – I have been selected to serve on NASA’s Transform to Open Science Community Panel!

04/11/22 – I will be taking a leave from ECCC to work at Creative Commons to make Climate Change and Biodiversity Research Open on April 11!

05/10/21 – I was successful in the 2020-2021 Recruitment of Policy Leaders campaign!



Professional History

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  • Assistant Director

    Creative Commons

    January 2023-Present

    I lead all aspects and maintain the strategic focus of the Open Climate Campaign, implement, maintain and monitor project plans, project schedules, and budgets for each Campaign goal, deliver national and international presentations on the Campaign, liaise with national and international organizations and governments to further Campaign goals and coordinate team members.

  • Campaign Manager

    Creative Commons

    April 2022-December 2022

  • Senior Policy Advisor

    Environment and Climate Change Canada


    As Senior Policy Advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada I support the implementation of open science in the Federal government by providing subject matter expertise on open science, facilitating and planning internal and public engagement activities, preparing summary reports with recommendations on engagement activities, researching and analysing data , measuring Canada’s performance on implementing open science, preparing briefing notes and presentations on open science in the Federal government, representing Canada as part of the Canadian delegation to the G7 Open Science Working Group and designing infographics for the branch and directorate. I was previously a Policy Advisor from September 2020 to December 2021 and a Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow from September 2018 to August 2020.

  • Leadership Team



    Inside the Leadership Team of PREreview, I co-lead the development of a platform to facilitate open peer review, lead PI on Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview, lead the live preprint journal club initiative, deliver international presentations and pitches.

  • Scientific data scientist

    Various federal and municipal departments

    2016 - 2021

    As a consultant for various municipal and federal departments/agencies I use my programing and data visualization skills to develop reproducible code and interactive web applications for the study of population trends in fish communities to create reports like the Fish Communities of the Toronto and Region Waterfront: Summary and Assessment 1989-2016 report, and dashboards for decision makers. 


My research centers around open science – including open access and open data. I study the adoption of open science practices around the world and which instruments are most effective to spur the adoption these practices.

During my MSc and PhD I worked with a diversity of taxa including fish, crayfish and mussels using laboratory experiments, field methods and theory to better understand how who-eats-whom in an ecosystem changes in response to different human impacts including introduced species and climate warming. This research was done in the open with code and data available on GitHub.

I also work with various federal and municipal departments as a data scientist to develop tools for conservation and restoration.

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Featured publication

Open government data and environmental science: a federal Canadian perspective

Governments worldwide are releasing data into the public domain via open government data initiatives. Many such data sets are directly relevant to environmental science and complement data collected by academic researchers to address complex and challenging environmental problems. The Government of Canada is a leader in open data among Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, generating and releasing troves of valuable research data. In this paper we describe Canada’s federal initiatives promoting open government data, and outline where data sets of relevance to environmental science can be found. We summarize research data management challenges identified by the Government of Canada, plans to modernize the approach to open data for environmental science and best practices for data discoverability, access, and reuse.

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Open Science

Although the equipment and tools to collect data may have changed and perhaps the software used in analyses along with it, very little of how science is practiced and communicated has changed in science since its inception as a discipline. However, the open science movement promises to revolutionize how we practice science and who can participate. Founded on the principle science should not be limited by your occupation, race, nationality or economic status, open science makes knowledge more accessible by making methods, code, results and knowledge available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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