Open Science

Open science is the movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to any one anywhere in the world. It is a cause I care about deeply, and have made it my life’s work. As such I practice in the open making all my code and manuscripts openly and freely available. I have also written and have been a guest on a podcast discussing the importance of open science.  I am also on Canadian Science Publishing Open Science Working Group. You can read more about my open science projects and watch some of the public talks I have given below:

PREreview: engaging early career researchers in peer review (Force 11 2018)

On the road to preprints: how community can get us there (Open Con 2018)

Becoming Junior Scientists! (EBTSOYP 2021)

Canadian Open Data Society


In 2020, I was selected for the Board of Directors of the Canadian Open Data Society, a non-profit organization whose mission is to broaden the open data discourse to the private sector, civil society and public. As a Director, I have organized webinars on the effect of data on marginalized communities and am working on organizing the Canadian Open Data Summit with the host of next year’s summit. This work has contributed to making data more accessible to Canadians and empowering them with the knowledge of the effect data has on their lives.

Frictionless Data Reproducible Research Fellows Programme

The Frictionless Data Reproducible Research Fellows programme, supported by the Sloan Foundation, aims to train graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and early career researchers how to become champions for open, reproducible research using Frictionless Data tools and approaches in their field. I completed the programme in 2019 and now serve as a mentor.


PREreview was born as a platform to facilitate the collaborative writing of preprint reviews produced from discussions at journal clubs (JCs). We wanted to make it easier for scientists around the world to run preprint JCs, develop their skills as reviewers, and share the insights of their discussions openly. JCs are a staple in academia: they facilitate scientists’ collective engagement with others’ discoveries, and provide ECRs with a forum to learn how to critically evaluate research. At PREreview we are co-opting JC to provide a means to give feedback on preprints and help train early career researchers in peer review.

Working in the open

I wasn’t aware of open science until I attended a National Center for Ecological Synthesis and Analysis Open Science for Synthesis workshop. Recognizing that many scientists are still unaware of open science I have developed workshops for the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science and R Ladies London, and presented lectures on how to get started in open.

Mozilla Open Leaders

The Mozilla Open Leaders program is a 14-week mentorship experience that help you take your open project from idea to a minimum viable product. During the training you are paired with a mentor for one-on-one meetings and larger co-hort meetings where you learn the ropes on topics such as GitHub and community engagement. I have been involved with the program since 2016 first at a open leader then and mentor and now as an expert with Open Life Science.