Open science and data

Open data and data mining techniques have facilitated the analysis of  the way we do science. During my PhD, my colleagues and I used data mining methods to retrieve the p and R2 values for over 18,000 articles in ecology. This analysis revealed that ecology is becoming more statistically complex and R2 values are, on average, declining over time (Low-Décarie et al. 2014 Front. Ecol. Environ.). Our paper garnered much interest among ecologists, was the subject of numerous discussion groups, blog posts and a feature in Science Magazine News. I have also worked with colleagues at Carleton University and Environment and Climate Change Canada examining the open data practices within the Government of Canada. Currently I am working with with the Centre for Journalology on projects around open science.

Food web theory and conservation

Theory and application are often treated as distinct in ecology. In my Postdoctoral, PhD and MSc research I worked on uniting the two.

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Data science in conservation and restoration

I use data science skills obtained through my MSc and PhD to help decision makers assess conservation and restoration projects throughout Canada. Read More